19 April, 2006

Dinner at Katharina's

On Monday we had a German ‘lesson’ (actually dinner) at my German teacher’s house. We all had to bring a plate of food. We excelled ourselves! The highlights were the pies that Esther brought, filled with pumpkin, pine nuts and feta cheese. Up at the crack of dawn, she spent the whole day in the kitchen to prepare these delicious pieces. The effort was worth it!
Eva brought marinated chicken; Jackie contributed bread with salmon or meat. Thanks to Les we had quiche. I took zucchini fritters that I had cooked that morning. They didn’t seem like much, so I also prepared homemade pesto mayonnaise. From Anthony came crackers and dips. We also had salad and, therefore, a balanced meal.

Who have I forgotten? It doesn’t matter, because everything that was truly tasty. Here is my filled plate: (am I in Heidelberg, Baden-W├╝rrtemberg, or Heidelberg, Victoria?)
The men provided wine (very important!) and Katharina (our teacher and host) the effort of making warm everything that was cold. She also made sure a trivet sat between the table and each hot plate. The soon-to-marry Robin chose Miles Davis for music. Unfortunately Kris couldn’t be there but, as always, she sent her representatives along.
For dessert Katharina was super. Raspberry clafoutis, freshly baked.
Or, more interesting, quickly spun: Together, we spent a genuinely enjoyable, civilised evening.