09 November, 2007

Golden Pizza

500 Lygon St, Brunswick East; 03 9383 1386

Despite its proximity, it's taken me almost two years to get around to sampling Golden Pizza. It's further away than il Carusi and, while closer, doesn't have the trattoria ambience of La Bussola.

They have a blackboard range of standards - variations on ham, olives, salami, mushroom, starting from around $7 for a small or $9-10 for a medium. More exciting are their specials, revolving around more tantalising ingredients such as basil, artichokes and sundried tomatoes. These start at $11 for a medium.

I went for Julie's Margherita:Lots of big torn basil leaves, heavy with luminous white ricotta and dotted around with halved cherry tomatoes. Good, fresh flavours, though perhaps slightly cloying on the ricotta - combined with the thicker base - and mainly because I've eaten so many wafer thin, crispy bases of late - it was a little chewy. The dough was excellent though: firm, but came apart well and ever so slightly sweet.

Update: Golden Pizza have moved across the road to 465 Lygon St, Brunswick East. Their phone number is the same.


  1. Golden Pizza has The Hottest Delivery Boy EVER!

  2. golden pizza is the best pizza i ever had in the world it's the best pizza

  3. We regularly visit Golden Pizza as it is an award-winning pizza place near our house. I can only say that you should go there, too.

    They are probably the best pizza take-away in Victoria, which in turn will most likely mean the best pizza on this continent. The main reason for this is that they use good ingredients.

    I especially recommend the olives, you should always have olives on your pizza. They use kalamata olives cut in halves without the pips. The best thing you could possibly put on a pizza.

    But here comes the trouble: It is very hard to decide which pizza to choose, it always takes me almost half an hour. Unfortunately, most pizzas don't have the combination of toppings of my choice. Many are infested with BBQ sauce or even eggs. My partner tried one with roast potato on it and that was not a good choice as the potatoes were not soft enough. So best thing to do is to get a pizza you can agree on best and pay some extra cents to get the olives. Don' ever go to Golden Pizza and order a pizza without olives on it.

    Hey but actually... they could work on their dough. It is not as thin and crispy as it should be, honestly.

    The staff is really friendly, although they don't let you change the TV channel. But they turn the volume up or down for you, if you like.