07 March, 2008


163 Lygon St, Brunswick East; 03 9380 4060

Oh yes, that is a cup of liquid chocolate. It is heated, hence answers to the name of 'hot chocolate', but it is not a name that does it justice. The price of black gold may be through the roof thanks to the weak American dollar, and brown coal may be a source of environmental pariahism in Australia, but here we have brown gold, worth every striving Aussie cent of its $3.50 price tag.

It takes commitment to get through, but if you need pause while alternating between spoonfuls and sips, Sugardough are kind enough to serve their hot drinks on some very sweet saucers, which allow time to reminisce on tea parties past, or gatherings to come.


  1. There's a cafe here in Wellington that serves tea in proper old grandma cups and saucers, none of which match. Definitely the way tea should be served. Not sure about hot chocolate, though...

  2. European hot chocolate deserves the mishmashed crockery treatment, I feel, but not the powdered milk-based variety.

    I really enjoyed Wellington when we were there last year - send me an email and tell me about what you're doing :)