02 April, 2008

Baker's Delight II

I'm at it again. As the weather cools, the urge to bake seems more reasonable to indulge. And we are coming into the abundant apple season, so there are always a couple left over in my fruit bowl at the end of the week.

Today's picture-worthy effort is an apple tea cake, an item which came out of the oven looking so fine I even got out a platter for the photo shoot :)


  1. That looks soooo delicious. And I could really do with a slice just about now, along with a nice cup of tea :-)

  2. Apples. They're a fruit, right?

    Looks fab!

  3. Mellie: I almost don't want to cut into it! I will tho; if ever there was weather for tea and cake it's now!

    Bogger: Fruit could become your thing yet :)

  4. delicious!!!! you've been very busy.

  5. Hey Estelle, I have indeed! All the tea cake is gone now (not surprisingly), which makes me a bit sad ;)