19 June, 2008

Green Refectory II

115 Sydney Rd, Brunswick; 03 9387 1150

I think this must be the quickest return visit in Words and Flavours history. Being prepared for the range of deliciousness on offer at the Green didn't make the meal choice any easier. As is often the case, the dish I had been dreaming about all week - the Summer Chicken Burger - wasn't what my palate was after when I stepped in this time. It was still early enough in the day that I was drawn again to the breakfast menu, but I'd been up and meandering along Sydney Road long enough to have quelled my usual desire for a sweet cafe breakfast. The compromise decision was for homemade baked beans with mushrooms, on sourdough - savoury, but undeniably breakfastesque.

And undeniably delicious. The beans were marvellously textured. Undercooking can leave beans hard and knobby; overcooking turns them to a grainy mush. These instead were soft, chewy and wonderfully complemented by their tomatoey sauce. Sometimes homemade beans come out too peppery, or tasting too much like vegetable soup, but in this case the beans were the stars and the extra ingredients remained effective but subtle in the background. The mushrooms were expectedly fresh and earthy.

My dining partner eschewed the menu and went for two excellent baked options: a steak and cheese pie and a raspberry and pear muffin. I can't speak for the latter item, as it was in the most part consumed later in the day, but I can attest to its attractiveness. I think their muffins are $2.80 and when I think of some of the baking-soda-loaded crap I've eaten for a good deal more than that I can only tip my hat again to the Green's quality and value.

The pie was bursting with shredded meat pieces, each of which truly tasted like a little bite of steak.

And that pastry! You can envision it melting on your tongue like a flake of chocolate. The tomato and onion chutney went a treat with my beans, too.

Sighs of contentment all round, and eager anticipation of the next visit...

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