17 August, 2008


123 Hardware St, Melbourne; 03 9600 0695 Now closed. The previous owners of Beetroot run Hardware Societe, across the street.

Beetroot have assessed their market and tailored an irresistible lunch option accordingly. During the week, a good range of pre-prepared meals are available for $10 and a tumbler of their house wine for just $1. If that won't get you away from your desk and out of the office, I don't know what you're waiting for!

The pre-preparation is an indicator that your food will not only be cheap but also quick to the table, rather than a suggestion of poor quality. A bowl of chicken pesto pasta is a perfect demonstration: a drizzle of parsley and sundried tomatoes sit atop firm pasta and a sauce that wasn't excessively creamy. The serving size was spot on for lunch, and the addition of a side salad is both commendable for the price and guilt-assuaging after taking the creamy pasta option.

If it's more of a sugar hit you're after to power through the afternoon, indulge in a milk, dark or white hot chocolate with persian candy floss. You could almost consider it a dessert and, at $3.80, it could give you a two-course lunch, with a glass of wine, for less than $15!


  1. *sigh* oooh...I so lament the demise of the seasonal breakfast at Beetroot (it stopped about six to eight months ago). Beetroot used to be so fantastic, but have since had a change in management, and now, to put it bluntly, their breakfasts kinda suck. No more seasonality, and the same old droll standard fare is served up. I have been three or four times since change of management, but it let me down each time.

    Thank god they still do a good hot choc (with fairy floss), and from what I hear, a passable lunch.

    But *very* sad over the breakfasts :-(

  2. That is so sad! Having read through your post again, and now working around the corner, I was thinking about factoring in a Beetroot breakfast challenge of my own. That really is a shame that such a worthwhile food endeavour hasn't been carried on. Me, I was just totally swayed by the $1 wine option!