14 February, 2011

Meiotic biscuits

These almond yummies did a good job of demonstrating cell division as they spread during the baking process!

Given I studied science at uni for two years you'd think I could remember the difference between mitosis and meiosis...I can't, but any sciency readers out there are welcome to remind me.

I can tell you, however, how these little babies came into being. They're a simple mix of butter and caster sugar, one egg, a cup or more of flour, enough almond meal to get the mixture to the right consistency and, for good measure, a lash of golden syrup.

They're pliable, not too sweet and are currently demonstrating the reverse of mitosis/meiosis, as the number in the biscuit tin reduces rather than multiplies exponentially!

It's always worth having biscuits on hand. As Gourmet Farmer Matt Evans poetically put it:

A cup of tea without a biscuit is a missed opportunity

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